Pho Lovers specializes in pho, which is beef based soup. We have a variety to choose from like beef, chicken, seafood, and also one for vegetarians. We also have an amazing cook specializing in stir fried items such as chicken with lemongrass, salt and pepper shrimp, diced beef, and much more! Bring in your friends and family and you can sit at a table to enjoy Hot Pot! We bring out a gas stove to your table with a pot of delicious chicken broth, plates of fresh raw seafood, eye round steak, vegetables, and rice vermicelli. You then add whatever you like in the the boiling pot and serve yourself. Also be sure to try our Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crispy pan cake with shrimp and pork). We try to do the best we can to satisfy our customers so if you have any special requests don’t be shy to ask.